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Nets vs Raptors postgame

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Nets vs Raptors postgame

Postby grandmazter3 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:06 pm

Two quick things: Hope everyone is fine after Sandy, and when is the thread thing going to get fixed? It's a pain the GO NETS!!! trying to create a topic here.

Brooklyn got us a nice inaugural win at The Barclays Center. Lopez did some very nice work in the post, the Raptors didn't have anyone that could D him up. The bench was nice again, it feels likes forever since this team has had a bench that could turn a deficit into a lead.

I expected more from Deron and Joe Johnson, but whatever, a win is a win.
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Re: Nets vs Raptors postgame

Postby CalamityX04 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:43 am

I tried replying but the thing was going too slow. Hopefully I have success here at work!

A win is a win! I like the win, there's obvious room of improvement and I'll take that a positive. This group of guys/players needs time to get the chemistry going, in the offseason its all about Brooklyn this, Brooklyn that, now comes the time to play ball and win games. True characters come out and we'll see if we the guys with balls to play and win.

Lopez was a beast IMO. It wasn't the strongest duo of Cs/PFs he went up against but he didn't fail to put up the #s. He was aggressive and consistent. He still needs work on his defense but we could only hope that improves over time. It felt like he got more than 5 rebs but he was there around the basket to rebound.

Wallace, just crash baby! Good hustle and his impact seems to be more frequent if he's moving around rather than settling to be a spot up shooter. Avery and Co. ya'll need to work that in.

JJ, not the biggest outburst in pts but he'll have those nights(as long as someone else is picking it up). Caught in the moment, as soon as the dust settles, he'll be fine and an All-Star. He'll win us games.

Dwill, some say it wasn't his best game and it wasn't, but it was still a good one. Again, this was the first game for everyone and we just need some seasoning.

Brooks, like what I saw, just keep it up.

Watson, very underrated signing.

Avery, get more creative offensively.
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Re: Nets vs Raptors postgame

Postby canofan42 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:40 pm

As it's been said, a win's a win, and I'll happily take it!

The defense in the first quarter obviously was not good, but the Raptors were just on fire. Lowry was hitting 35-ft threes, and there wasn't much anyone could do. The defense improved in the second quarter, but overall, it clearly needs work, and I think it'll improve over time.

Brook played great. A lot of people will look at the box score and only see 5 rebounds from Brook, but that doesn't tell the story at all. He was aggressive out there on both ends, and if he keeps his aggressiveness up especially on the glass, rebounding will not be an issue with Brook.

Deron played decent. The offense was a little slow to develop at times, but he got the job done.

JJ struggled, but it's clear that he'll have a lot of great opportunities to score this season. I'd like to see a little more of him posting up, as that'll definitely be a useful weapon for the Nets.

Gerald Wallace, what can you say about the guy, he gives 110% all the time. Those rebounds he had late in the 4th quarter where he outjumped 7 footers was just great. Gritty player who's tough as nails, it's hard not to love Wallace out there.

CJ played well in the second quarter, but in the 4th, he was part of the reason the Raptors were able to get back into it. He's a little frustrating to watch at times, but he definitely helps the team way more than he hurts it.

I liked what I saw out of MarShon, and hopefully he'll be able to find his role and make an impact on the game more.

Hopefully, the defense will improve and we can get in a little more of a rhythm offensively, but the Brooklyn Nets are 1-0 to start, so so far, so good!
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