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what do you think of this trade idea?

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what do you think of this trade idea?

Postby nj/bknets » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:13 am

Hello Nets fans..... First time posting . but what do you think of the idea of the nets working with the atl hawks or rockets to try and get D.Howard... with the hawks we cound send b.lopez to the hawks with the hawks taken on some of the magic unwanted contracts... and the hawks sendind them a draft pick or two.. to the magic. that would give them a big three of horford ,smith and lopez... the nets would get take on a unwanted contract from the magic as well.. as for the hump man I'm sure we can unload him to a team ..someone always need a rebounding machine.... maybe even try to give him to atl as well ...i think they have the cap space ...he will also provide bench help to them...... with the rockets same type of deal because when i looking at what the rockets are trying to do now is just provide the magic with cap space and draft picks...... what do you guys thinks?
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