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Thoughts on preseason games?

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Thoughts on preseason games?

Postby Dumpy » Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:25 am

Hi everyone--

I'm embarrassed to admit that i haven't had a chance to watch (or follow) any of the preseason action so far. What do you think? Who has been playing well, and who hasn't? Does anyone look like they are out of shape? Hungry? Do any combinations of players seem to be meshing well together? What about Deron and Joe Johnson together? Have any of the rookies looked promising?
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Re: Thoughts on preseason games?

Postby canofan42 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:00 pm

Well so far, you can definitely see that this team has potential. You can tell that they haven't played with each other long, and the chemistry does need to be formed, but when they figure it all out, it's going to be fun to watch.
Offensively, this team can obviously score. There are so many different options with this team, and it's simply just a matter of figuring out who gets touches when. In the preseason, the offense has been a little stagnant with some players holding the ball too long, but there was a period in the Sixers game when it was the starting lineup (- Hump) out there with MarShon and it was impressive. It'll be really exciting to see what this team can do once they really get to know each other's tendencies.
Defensively, it's been a disappointment, especially in terms of perimeter defense. We knew going into this season that interior defense might be an issue, but our perimeter defense hasn't been good at all either, and there really isn't any reason for that. We're allowing way too many open 3's, and it's hurt us in these games.

In terms of individual players, all players seem to be in shape, so that's a positive.
Blatche has been very impressive; he's constantly attacking the rim and isn't settling for jumpers, which is a good sign. He does get lost on defense a lot, but hopefully that'll improve with more practice time.
I've enjoyed watching Joe Johnson play. When he's going, he can carry a team, and being a bigger guard, he can post up and command double teams, opening up opportunities for other players. I've especially been impressed with his passing.
Brook has also been playing real well. His foot doesn't seem to be any issue at all, and he's scoring in a multitude of ways. He's also been very aggressive rebounding, which is a fresh sight to see.
CJ Watson is a very pesky defender and can cause some turnovers, but he's sometimes frustrating to watch on the offensive side of the ball.
Teletovic has struggled thusfar, but he can obviously stroke it. I think once he settles in and get used to the NBA game, he'll be just fine, but if you've been paying attention to any of the comments on this site, people are already calling him a bust... after 5 preseason games.
Hump has probably been the most disappointing for me. His defense has been awful quite frankly, and I'm not sure why he still gets the ball in ISOs with all the scorers we now have on this team.

All in all, the biggest issue is clearly defense, and that absolutely needs to be improved for this team to compete in the Eastern Conference. The interior defense was somewhat to be expected, but the perimeter defense especially needs to be improved, because there's no reason it should be as bad as it has been.

*Disclaimer: Let's keep things in perspective: it's preseason.
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