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Which was the better small trade?

Nets-related discussion.

Which was the better trade?

Eduardo Najera for Kris Humphries
Terrence Williams for 2 1st Rounders
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Which was the better small trade?

Postby rory » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:59 pm

I feel with the Nets penchant for blockbuster deals over the last decade, these two deals have been very overlooked, given the amount of impact on the team. Just to break down the details around the two:

Eduardo Najera for Kris Humphries - Najera was signed in the summer of 2008, after the Richard Jefferson deal was made. For some reason, he was given a four-year deal, even though the Nets were trying to clear cap room for 2010. If you are new to the Netsdaily community, this signing was a minor source of contention (if you thought some of the arguments are silly nowadays, it's nothing compared to listing "He's the most marketable player in Mexico!" as a positive asset). Najera never contributed much, and was frequently injured. During the infamous 12-70 season, he was traded for Kris Humphries. It was an odd attempt at a salary dump - Humphries made slighly more money than Najera, but had the option to opt-out in the summer (which he didn't take). Humphries has, by default, been the best Nets power forward since 2004, and, despite his off-the-court antics, has positively affected the Nets viewing experience over these past losing seasons. While not having strong basketball IQ, he does spark excitement with his dunks, blocks, and crowd taunts. The full value of Humphries contribution to the Nets will be seen next season, when his expiring contract will most likely be dealt - hopefully for the final piece of the championship puzzle.

Terrence Williams for 2 1st Rounders - Boy, were a lot of words wasted on this trade. The reaction by the fans at the time was nearly universally apoplectic. Showing flashes of potential at the end of the 12-70 season, Terrence Williams was traded just two months into his second year by new coach Avery Johnson. The picks were heavily protected (some even thought Houston's pick would only result in two second rounders). The traded yielded the Nets Sasha Vujacic (who was very erratic, but contributed more that season than T-Will would have), as well as two first rounders. The first one was a Lakers pick in 2011, which was traded up for MarShon Brooks, while the other was the aforementioned Rockets pick, which was part of the Joe Johnson deal. MarShon has been another high potential/high frustration rookie like T-Will, but he seems to be developing faster. Like Humphries, I expected to see Brooks flipped for more value next season.

Which trade would you say is better? On paper, the T-Will trade looks like the winner, as MarShon has more potential, and you could assign an arbitrary value that the Rockets pick had in acquiring Joe Johnson (say, 25%). But, personally, I've enjoyed the Hump experience, and lean towards that one.
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Re: Which was the better small trade?

Postby ghoti » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:42 pm

$$$ for Bogdanovic!
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Re: Which was the better small trade?

Postby letapragas » Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:51 am

Hump only because he gave us one productive season and his large contract allowed us to use him as a trade chip. Twill just wasn't that great the entire season
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