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A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

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A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

Postby kobimel » Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:24 am

Includes James White, Gerald Green and Pops Mensah-Bonsu, so you know it's going to be good. Held in Russia a few days ago.

This is what the NBA dunk contest should look like.

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Re: A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

Postby Nets4Life » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:09 am

That was awesome. Green and White did a great job---even dennis the menace did well.
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Re: A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

Postby demens » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:33 am

very nice
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Re: A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

Postby Claud » Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:36 pm

This was way better than the 2010 NBA dunk contest.
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Re: A REAL Slam Dunk Contest

Postby Booster_Gold » Fri Mar 26, 2010 8:42 pm

TWill coulda done better :D

Pops is awesome. I don't really get why he's not in the league right now.
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